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a funny, revealing look into Mental Health

Alessandra Torresani hosts a funny and revealing podcast about mental health. Every episode is unique with stories shared by her celebrity guests. A little bit of comedy, a lot of emotions and most importantly, a safe space to be stigma free. Welcome to EmotionAL Support!


You carry so much                       in your heart.
Give some to yourself.


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The safest and stigma free place online. Real stories told with all the feels and emotions.

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About Al

more about me

Hi, I'm Al and I live with Bipolar

Can you imagine a world where that little introduction would have no stigma and be judgement free? I can. some may know me as an actress, some may know me as the first cylon, and hey, some may not know me at all.

What you need to know about me is that i’m here to help you.

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