S2E15: “Bipolar Disorder” with Alessandra Torresani

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Directionally challenged Podcast

Alessandra Torresani shares her journey of being an actress with bipolar disorder.

Special Guest Host - Jennifer Zaborowski

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Resiliency & bipolar disorder


Mental health advocate and actress from shows like American Horror Story and The Big Bang Theory Alessandra Torresani joins Victoria Maxwell and Dr. Erin Michalak to talk about resiliency and bipolar disorder, and what lessons they’ve learned about it in 2020. They’ll also answer questions submitted by viewers.

#TalkBD LIVE is a series of free, online community gatherings to share support and tips for bipolar wellness. Learn more about the next #TalkBD LIVE event at www.TalkBD.live

Sparrows Talk with “EmotionAL Support” host Alessandra Torresani is the Motivation You Need this Monday

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By Katherine Nguyen

“Do whatever makes you happy, because there is no judgement. This is the wild, wild west. We don’t know what is going to happen, so there are no rules, there is no rule book. You’re not better or worse than somebody that accomplished 50 million jobs when they were in quarantine.”

Every day is a new day for mental health, stresses Hollywood actor Alessandra Torresani

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I hope to bring my story to India to share what it is like to be bipolar in America.

by F Khatoon